Late Summer Thang…

Every time the end of August rolls around, I look back on the past few months of summer and wonder how it went by so fast and it’s always a bitter sweet period for me. I love summer. I love the freedom that summer makes me feel. Whether I’m on tour for summer festivals or just hanging at home I feel so free.
I lived this summer gardening and did crafty house projects. I vacationed with my best friend in the Thousand Islands and I filled my creative well until it was overflowing with musical ideas. I spent long days and late nights writing and arranging all the music for my next album and I can’t wait to get to NYC to record in just a few short weeks.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t been as present on Social media. I’ve been enjoying my family and friends and it felt good to not be stuck to making a “post” everyday. Soon I’ll be back but I needed time for myself so thanks y’all for understanding!

I am so excited to get into the studio and watch this project come to life. I am really looking forward to sharing it with you all.

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and Cheers to getting back to a routine and the the gym. lol

Peace to all


Huge Snow Storm !

Hello my friends!

I don’t know about you but I still feel like a kid when we get a huge snowstorm and they call a for snow day for the kids! A great excuse to stay home all day, and cook up some yummy food and share it with friends and neighbors. At least we are on the other side of winter now, probably the last storm is now behind us… We’re mid-March heading into spring, ready for new beginnings!
Looking ahead towards April, I’ll be doing a few shows with my band and also hitting the stage for a couple duo performances with pianist, Andre Manoukian. We will be performing a mix of well known jazz, soul and pop tunes.

A quick recap of February, I had the most wonderful time joining the European Portion of the Jazz 100 Project. The music and people were both so special. Getting the opportunity to work with Danilo Perez and the band was really inspirational.
I came off that tour ready to get into writing mode and I’m really excited about my next album because it’s starting to take shape … and that’s a great feeling!!

Wishing you all beautiful start to spring!


Feb is coming to an end..

Dear friends,
it’s me, Checking in again.
The beginning of 2017 has proven to be quite amazing thus far!
I had the most wonderful time joining the European Portion of the “Jazz 100” Project. The music and people were both so very special. Getting the opportunity to work with Danilo and the band was really inspirational. The music lifted me to a different place, with no musical boundaries. The freedom of creating something different and new with each performace was so exhilarating. My creative well has been filled to it’s fullest.

That being said, I’ve found that I have so many things to say and many stories to share. I’ve been writing every day and I am really gettig excited about recording my next album and most of all, sharing the joy of music with you!

Until next time!
peace and love

2017 is here

2017 is well underway and with all the changes coming our way I thought it was time for a little change in my routine. These next few months I will be collaborating with different musicians on some really interesting projects.

In February, I have the great honor to be invited to be a part of the #Jazz100 project paying tribute to the music of Dizzy, Ella, Mongo and Monk. It’s a dream band and I’m really looking forward to making some great music with Danilo Perez (piano), Chris Potter (Sax), Avishai Cohen (trumpet), Ben Street (Bass), Adam Cruz (Drums) and Roman Diaz (percussion).
In April and May I’ll join André Manoukian for a duo show of soul standards. It’s been forever since I’ve taken the stage with just a pianist so I’m really excited about the intimacy of this show.
In May, I will be sharing the stage with saxophonist Stefano Di Battista for a soul infused set in Paris..

In addition to these special projects, I’ll perform some spotted dates with my regular band as well.
Don’t forget for those of you in the US, the Looking Glass is now available for purchase and downloads!

Love to you all!

Christmas is almost here…

Ho ho ho everyone and Merry Christmas!

I’m really looking forward to this holiday season and spending time with my family and friends. It seems like just yesterday it was January 2016! Hard to believe that soon we will be bringing in another new year. Time sure does fly!
It’s been a fun year for me, as I have welcomed a new band with new ideas and music. We have had some great concerts and met wonderful people along the way.
I would like to give a special thanks to my fans who have continued to support me and my music. It’s been 10 years since my first release (introducing) and it’s been a wild ride!

I’ll be taking some time this next year to work on a new cd and also really excited to be joining the Jazz 100 project for the European portion! For some of my French fans out there keep your eye of for some special duo concerts with Andre Manoukian!

Wishing everyone a peaceful and joy filled season!

Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel
Happy New year!

Signing off for some eggnog!
See ya next year!

Fall Tour 2017 Underway

Always good to be on tour and get to play with my band…As a matter of fact we had a few amzing musicians filling in for a few days. Jack DeBoe on Drums, Reggie Washington on Bass and Jeremie Coke as well (from French Band Electro Deluxe)
A Blast all the way ! We played the Madrid Jazz festival last sunday and we had a beautiful crowd to cheer us up. Dancing and making us feel good. Earlier in the day (although it was raining most of the day), I went out to the corner of the street and found a great Mexican “chipotle” type joint. A nice salad and a beer later, I went for a little rest before the show 🙂
Unfortunately our next show was supposed to be in Berlin but was cancelled ! I feel bad for this as we always have fun in Berlin. last 2 times, we hit Quasimodo and it was full of like and happiness. Hope we can come back to Germany soon 🙂
Our next stop is in Marciac/France (near Toulouse) next Saturday. The Summer French Capital of Jazz as also concerts duing the year in a pretty new venue called Astrada. I am sure I will see some old friends there as well.
More soon from the road..chck out our Pictures tab for some on tour shots !

July Festivals

Hello again,

Summer is upon us now in full swing and I’ve been so lucky to spend a few weeks in my beloved France.  When the awful events happened in Nice I had just finished watching the fireworks in Vienne.  It felt unreal that something so unthinkable could be happening yet again, to the people of this amazing country.  I was in Nice and it was very healing to be able to visit the memorial on the Promenade.  My heart goes out the all the victims, their families and all the unfortunate souls in this world who have lost someone to an act of terror. #jesuisnice

It’s times like these, more than ever, that I feel it is my responsibility to share my music and performances in hopes to heal the pain.  I feel so lucky to have been able to have 3 emotionally filled concerts in Vienne, Toulon and Juan Les Pins.  Despite the difficult circumstances we had brave and beautiful audiences who shared their gratitude with us for the music.  Jazz à Vienne was amazing ! What a stage…4000 people listening and breathing music, Jazz a Toulon was so beautiful (if front of a magnificent church) and Jazz à Juan was glorious although the weather there wasn’t so nice (it rained right at the end of our set)..

I  love being in the south of France in the summer.  There’s something so special about it.  I finally was able to spend some time in Provence and it was so peaceful there.  The lavander fields was just beautiful and the scent in the air was so relaxing.  And of course, the “Rosé” was flowing! 🙂

Moving ahead I can’t help but remind myself daily to be grateful for everyday we have on this earth.  Go to the beach, enjoy your family and friends and hug someone today!  I’m home now for a few weeks and will be chilling in my garden with Ella, (the hot dog) grilling, eating, running, swimming and whatever else I can get myself into !;)

Will be back on the road with my new band in mid August. St Jean Cap Ferrat, Granville & also Biarritz (where we will definitely take up our Surf boards)

Love and peace to you all!


Don’t Let the Sun Distract You…

..come out and see live shows, festivals ! Party & enjoy music everytime you can..Music transports you and let’s you escape from your daily life. In times of difficulties and hardships, nothing beats music and the sensation that overcomes you when you see and hear a great show. My band is always trying to give this to the audience and if we can succeed with even one person then our mission is done !

The band will be on tour this summer as you know. Big events and festivals like Jazz à Vienne with other greats bands for an all night session but also free events like Jazz a Toulon where there is absolutely no excuse for you guys not to come and have fun with us 🙂

Really looking forward to the next weeks. I will also spend some time listening to music myself. Going down to the south of France and checking out music on my days off. I will be in Nice to check out several bands there.

Summer Dates are here !

Happy to let you know about the dates we are doing this Summer :

July 13 – Vienne (France) All Night Party with Cory Henry, Faada Freddy, Kamasi Washington, The Original JB’s band with Martha High ! Last time i played Vienne, it was with a Big Band, playing swing music ! 9 years ago ! Great to be back to play on the main stage 🙂

July 21 – Toulon (France) Jazz à Toulon

July 23 – Jazz à Juan (France) Amazing to be back there in Juan les Pins for the festival. Such an honor !

August 12 – St Jean Cap Ferrat (France)

August 13 – Granville (France) Jazz en Baie Festival ! Played there before a few years back…always good to share the stage with Maceo Parker !

August 14 – Biarritz (France) Theatre du Casino de Biarritz

Come and see us this Summer, it will be fun (as always), great music (as always)…and most of all good times !

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