New Website :)

Welcome to my newly designed website! It’s always great to redecorate!

Yes, it’s ALWAYS great to REDECORATE and I do it often at my house! I’ll even let you in on a little secret… shhh…don’t tell anyone, BUT…
I have a pillow problem. Anyone who really knows me will tell you that I have an infatuation for pillows and pillowcases. I have several different ones that I keep in a place that I like to call “my staging” area! HAHA! I also have my seasonal decor there too… along with a massive amount of other decorative items that I sprinkle into my deco throughout the year depending on what I’m feeling. 🙂
And don’t know if you guys have a store like Homegoods… But I also call Homegoods my happy place. (equally happy place- Target… especially if there is a Starbucks in it!)

Ok, enough with the secrets, let’s get serious and seriously celebrate! And what better way to celebrate that with Chocolate Cupcakes?! Ok, my trainer is cursing me out at this moment… but sometime’s you just gotta go for it! I wish I could send you each one… or a dozen!

The release of Alterations kicked off beautifully thanks to all you along with the great support from radio and press. I’m so happy to have some amazing reviews the first week and of course, hearing from all of you on what your favorite moments on the album are!

I’m getting pumped for the European tour starting MARCH 5 and really looking forward to sharing this new music and show with you! Hopefully, we will be in a city near you!

Meet the band! Joining me on tour for the first leg of the tour will be:
Mike King (piano)
Rashaan Carter (bass)
Adam Jackson (drums)
Nir Felder (guitar)

These guys are super talented musicians who I’ve worked with for a few years now. This will be Nir’s first time out on tour with me, but he played on the new album so I’m really excited to have him for the live shows!

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Thanks for stopping by and your support!
Keep Calm and Alter On!

Kiss kiss,

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