News from the Road

With summer in full swing I’m happy to be back out on the road!

Although it was a whirlwind 3 days, we had a great time in Spain and France! And we did get to eat some amazing paella right on the beach before the gig! 🙂 yummy!

I’ve got a few days off until I will be doing a super group of musicians for the La Londe Jazz Festival. I’m really looking forward to singing some classic soul songs and I’m happy to be invited back to this great festival! This is a special project of the festival and it should prove to be a great reunion of several artists who have performed at the festival over the past 10 years!

August 4th I’ll be in Leuven, Belgium for one last concert before I go back home to spend time with family and friends in the US! And looking ahead to the end of the summer I’ll be back in Montpellier on August 31 and in PARIS Sept. 1 for Jazz a La Villette with Reggie Washington on Bass! It’s been a while since I’ve played with Reggie, so I’m really looking forward to getting him into the mix again!

I can’t end this news without saying a big thank you to my hometown community in Rochester! I felt so much love and support while there for the Rochester Jazz Festival! We had 2 packed shows and the audience was full energy and love! Thanks to all who have showed continued support throughout my career.

I do hope you are getting some time to relax and enjoy some downtime this summer!

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