Halloween Night !

HALLOWEEN! ‘CAUSE y’all know I’m a freak fro Halloween! Had an amazing time in Paris at a super cool Halloween party! Lots of good people, dancing, eating, drinking! It was so spooktacular I had to share a few pictures with you! For the record, Beetlejuice was one of my favorite movies as a kid and my manager Jean-Noël was up for a challenge on that 🙂
And I’m always all in when it comes to a challenge with the makeup 🙂 That’s me, Lydia … from the wedding scene towards the end of the movie 🙂

Oh yea, and then there was Halloween part 2 (an unexpected party) So I threw a little 70’s look together and danced the night away. Check out the picture page of the web site 🙂

Officially on to Thanksgiving and Christmas now!

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