My March Tour is upon us…

Hey everybody!

Is spring really on the way? Here in Upstate NY it’s STILL snowing and really cold so I’m super happy to be headed over to Europe where there are some signs that spring is on the way!


I’ll be hitting a few spots in France first… Chevilly-larue on March 15 and then heading back to le Jam in Monpellier on the 16th! I really dig this club and have some great memories of the last time I played there! Looking forward to being back!
Then I’m gonna bring some light and love to London @ Ronnie Scotts on March 18 and 19!
We will finish out our run on March 23 in Aurillac, France!

Yes! I”m working on a new album and I am already going to be in the studio with the band in the next few weeks! I don’t wanna spill the beans yet about what I’m working on but I’m excited to be recording with my trio. These guys are super talented and I’ve really enjoyed making music with them over the past year! I think it’s going to be a very fun process and really creative! I’ll keep you posted!

I want to also thank Jazz Aspen and all the great people I met while out there performing. It was really a special weekend and a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with some of my previous band mates. ( along with my current trio) I had fun mixing up all the different styles in one show.

I don’t have a ton of shows coming up this season as I’m working hard on my next album but I do hope to see you somewhere along the way! If you are a fan of what I do, please check out my Spotify Page and subscribe! This helps me out a lot so if you haven’t done that… Please do and keep hitting us up on Facebook and Intagram!

Thanks again friends and until next time! Let the good times roll!

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