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Summer Dates are here !

Happy to let you know about the dates we are doing this Summer : July 13 – Vienne (France) All Night Party with Cory Henry, Faada Freddy, Kamasi Washington, The Original JB’s band with Martha High ! Last time i played Vienne, it was with a Big Band, playing swing music ! 9 years ago ! Great to be back to play on the main stage 🙂  http://jazzavienne.com/theatre-antique/mercredi-13-juillet July 21 – Toulon (France) Jazz à Toulon http://www.jazzatoulon.com/concert/robin-mckelle/ July 23 – Jazz […]


The CD has landed in Europe – The Looking Glass

Happy to announce that the CD has landed in Europe in stores and in the air 🙂 It’s available everywhere as well as exclusive signed copies on this site ! It has been a looooong journey to make this happen and I am happy to do so on my own label – Doxie Records – It’s a bet of a new direction forward into a vibrant soul/pop atmosphere. Everyone can find something in it. Something that will inspire them either spiritually […]


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  • The Looking Glass – Signed CD
  • Merry Christmas Vol 1 - Signed EP
  • Introducing Robin McKelle – Signed CD
  • Moderne Antique – Signed CD
  • Mess Around – Signed CD
  • Soul Flower – Signed CD
  • Soul Flower – Signed Vinyl 7 inch
  • Heart Of Memphis – Signed CD
  • Heart Of Memphis – Signed Vinyl
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  • Stand Up Bracelets
  • The Looking Glass – Digital Download
  • Moderne Antique – Digital Download
  • Introducing Robin McKelle – Digital Download
  • Soul Flower – Digital Download
  • Merry Christmas Vol 1 - Digital Download
  • Heart Of Memphis – Digital Download
  • Mess Around – Digital Download

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