Pledge for my New Album – The Looking Glass –

Hey everybody!

Guess what?! NEW ALBUM TIME! I’ve been writing lots of new songs and they are amazing! Probably the best I’ve ever written! I’ve been working with Steve Greenwell (joss stone) on this album. He is producing it and putting his magic touch on it for your listening enjoyement 🙂

You will discover yet another side of my music. A new departure, looking into myself, finding different ways to connect with you through my music. You will discover a more intimate and personal album then ever before. All original songs, no covers this time.

I hope you will be able to feel what I was feeling, to touch what I was touching and that you will let yourself embark on this journey with me.

You guys have been so great to me so now it’s my time to give back and let you guys be a part of the music! By pre-ordering through PledgeMusic, you’ll be the very first to hear the new album when it’s ready to be released! I’ll be throwing updates on the website from the studio, sneak peeks of the record, and other shenanigans I’m up to! If that’s not enough, you’ll be able to get awesome merchandise and other cool interactive experiences exclusively found here, which will be a blast!

On top of everything else, a portion of your pledge will also go to an amazing charity near and dear to me. So, please join in on the fun and come along as we head to some brand new places in music together!

Click on the picture to see the pledge. Thank you !

Thank you for your support!!


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