Pledge Campaign still running..

Want to thank all the Plegers whom are helping me in the project…making “The Looking Glass”.

It was a strong challenge for me. New music, new band, new producer along with a new way of making a record ! It did turn out great and thanks to all the people that helped us in the process. Ideas and thoughts from different sources are always welcome and it helped me tremendously to figure out the different steps in my process.

My campaign is still LIVE and great goodies are still available. A postcard from the road ? A Skype Lesson, A VIP Package ? all that we the album and a chance to hear it a few days before everyone.

Join us in this quest for a different way of making music and business today. Music is changing, Business is changing and I want to be there in the middle with your help !

Pledge Campaign Here

Enjoy the cover of the album !


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