Melodic Canvas is available now..and the new website is here..

Welcome to my newly redecorated site! I am so excited that Melodic Canvas has been released.
I’ve really enjoyed having my hands in every part of this album from the writing to the artwork, it has been a joy to see it come to life! I thought I’d share some of my thoughts about making this album.

When thinking about making this record I was finding that I was really drawn to the idea of an acoustic sound. Using an instrumentation that would allow me to use more of the subtitles in my voice. I thought the idea of using percussion would give the music and earthy and warm vibe. And it would be totally different from anything I had sone in the past.

A few other things happened around the time I started writing for the album. First, I had just come off a tour with Danilo Perez and Jazz 100. I was totally inspired by making music with Danilo and the band. (Chris Potter on Sax, Avishai Cohen on Trumpet, Ben Street on Bass, Adam Cruz on drums and Roman Diaz on Percussion)
I also found that I was missing singing jazz. In a way, Melodic Canvas is like coming back to jazz. I’m a songwriter, singing jazz soul songs. I love that I’m able to use different timbres in the songs depending on what it calls for. It’s intimate and I love the idea that if you close your eyes, maybe you can visualize us playing the music in your living room. It’s not trying to be anything it’s not. It’s just the music that we played at that moment.

Last but not least, Trump had been elected and it seemed the world was crumbling to the ground… so I had a lot to write about.

Since the release, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback already and I have to say, it really seems that you all are connecting to the music in a way that only an artist can hope for. I appreciate all the feedback and I’m really looking forward to getting out on tour and delivering a wonderful live show for you guys!

This spring and summer I’ll be joined by some great musicians so be sure to check out the tour dates! We are still adding shows so stay up to date on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! If you’re not following me yet, please add us so that you won’t miss out on any important details!

Again, thank you guys for your support on this new journey! I am hoping to see you soon on tour!

Peace and Love!


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