First leg of the tour was great !

We played great rooms ! made new friends and most definitely played a bunch of notes 🙂 Our first date of the tour was in Brussels (Belgium) and althought you could feel a heavy energy in the air, it was amazing to play  in a classical venue (Flagey). The people were really warm and open and welcomed us fully. We were ablet o rehearse the day before and it made things much tighter for us (thanks to Jazz Station Jazz Club whom welcomed us).

We travelled to Paris on the next day for more rehearsing (yes we do that a lot !) and that was intense (6hrs daily). Our guitar player Eli Menezes had to jump out from the tour to play a gig with Richard Bona and then quickly came back to more pain in the rehearsal room 😉

Our next gig in Chenove was fun. Although in a sit down theater we go them up with the energy of the show. They loved it. A lot of kids were there and they had a great vibe. it so fun for us when we a yoiunger audience can releate to my music. It makes me happy to know that kids can appreciate “live” music and not just download stuff that the media send them. Marseille is one of my favorite clubs in France “Le Poste à Galéne” was hot and crowded as always. great energy, great people and a great tapas restaurant across the street 🙂

Annecy was another theater show and was packed full of locals…my “Heart Of Memphis” album was advertised there so they were a little bet suprised of the different feel but loved it in the end ! The sponsors of the venue liked it (alleluiah) ! The city is so gorgeous with the beautiful lake and great weather there…want to come back and discover more of the region next time. That’s one of the problems with our work, we don’t get to stay long enough and visit. In and out quick…train station-hotel-venue-hotel…very tired after a show – breakfast – train station !

Milan @ the Blue Note is always amazing. Beautiful venue, yummy food & a really good sound man ! Last but not least, our last gig was in a famous french club in Brest (britanny) called Le Vauban ! Small but mighty, we saw the spirit of “Les Bretons” ! tenacious and strong !

What a joy to be able to see all those places around the world ! I feel privileged to do this work night after night with a great band to support me out there :

Jake Sherman on Keys

Eli Menezes on Guitars

Matt Brandau on Bass

and Adam Jackson on Drums ! big up guys !

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