Don’t Let the Sun Distract You…

..come out and see live shows, festivals ! Party & enjoy music everytime you can..Music transports you and let’s you escape from your daily life. In times of difficulties and hardships, nothing beats music and the sensation that overcomes you when you see and hear a great show. My band is always trying to give this to the audience and if we can succeed with even one person then our mission is done !

The band will be on tour this summer as you know. Big events and festivals like Jazz à Vienne with other greats bands for an all night session but also free events like Jazz a Toulon where there is absolutely no excuse for you guys not to come and have fun with us 🙂

Really looking forward to the next weeks. I will also spend some time listening to music myself. Going down to the south of France and checking out music on my days off. I will be in Nice to check out several bands there.

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