July Festivals

Hello again,

Summer is upon us now in full swing and I’ve been so lucky to spend a few weeks in my beloved France.  When the awful events happened in Nice I had just finished watching the fireworks in Vienne.  It felt unreal that something so unthinkable could be happening yet again, to the people of this amazing country.  I was in Nice and it was very healing to be able to visit the memorial on the Promenade.  My heart goes out the all the victims, their families and all the unfortunate souls in this world who have lost someone to an act of terror. #jesuisnice

It’s times like these, more than ever, that I feel it is my responsibility to share my music and performances in hopes to heal the pain.  I feel so lucky to have been able to have 3 emotionally filled concerts in Vienne, Toulon and Juan Les Pins.  Despite the difficult circumstances we had brave and beautiful audiences who shared their gratitude with us for the music.  Jazz à Vienne was amazing ! What a stage…4000 people listening and breathing music, Jazz a Toulon was so beautiful (if front of a magnificent church) and Jazz à Juan was glorious although the weather there wasn’t so nice (it rained right at the end of our set)..

I  love being in the south of France in the summer.  There’s something so special about it.  I finally was able to spend some time in Provence and it was so peaceful there.  The lavander fields was just beautiful and the scent in the air was so relaxing.  And of course, the “Rosé” was flowing! 🙂

Moving ahead I can’t help but remind myself daily to be grateful for everyday we have on this earth.  Go to the beach, enjoy your family and friends and hug someone today!  I’m home now for a few weeks and will be chilling in my garden with Ella, (the hot dog) grilling, eating, running, swimming and whatever else I can get myself into !;)

Will be back on the road with my new band in mid August. St Jean Cap Ferrat, Granville & also Biarritz (where we will definitely take up our Surf boards)

Love and peace to you all!


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