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SUMMER! Finally, the sun returns to us like that friend we haven’t seen in a while…The longer days, the beach, bike rides, barbecues, and the nostalgia of childhood fun. Summer always seems to make me feel like a kid again! And that’s exactly how I feel returning to perform in my hometown at the Rochester International Jazz Festival! It’s always special for me to have so many friends and family in the audience. I’ll be at the Harrow East Venue […]

Melodic Canvas is available now..and the new website is here..

Welcome to my newly redecorated site! I am so excited that Melodic Canvas has been released. I’ve really enjoyed having my hands in every part of this album from the writing to the artwork, it has been a joy to see it come to life! I thought I’d share some of my thoughts about making this album. When thinking about making this record I was finding that I was really drawn to the idea of an acoustic sound. Using an […]



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  • Melodic Canvas – Signed CD
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  • Melodic Canvas – Digital Download
  • The Looking Glass – Signed CD
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  • Heart Of Memphis – Signed CD
  • Heart Of Memphis – Digital Download
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