Melodic Canvas is available now..and the new website is here..

Welcome to my newly redecorated site! I am so excited that Melodic Canvas has been released. I’ve really enjoyed having my hands in every part of this album from the writing to the artwork, it has been a joy to see it come to life! I thought I’d share some of my thoughts about making this album. When thinking about making this record I was finding that I was really drawn to the idea of an acoustic sound. Using an […]


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  • Melodic Canvas – Signed CD
  • The Looking Glass – Digital Download
  • Melodic Canvas – Digital Download
  • The Looking Glass – Signed CD
  • Heart Of Memphis – Signed Vinyl
  • Heart Of Memphis – Signed CD
  • Heart Of Memphis – Digital Download
  • Merry Christmas Vol 1 - Digital Download
  • Merry Christmas Vol 1 - Signed EP
  • Soul Flower – Signed CD
  • Soul Flower – Digital Download
  • Soul Flower – Signed Vinyl 7 inch
  • Mess Around – Signed CD
  • Mess Around – Digital Download
  • Moderne Antique – Signed CD
  • Moderne Antique – Digital Download
  • Introducing Robin McKelle – Signed CD
  • Introducing Robin McKelle – Digital Download
  • Stand Up Bracelets
  • Women’s White Flowy Halftone T

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